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This Is The Best City In The U.S. If You’re Vegan

Unsurprisingly, some cities are more vegan-friendly than others. 

Adhering to a vegan diet has gotten easier with the proliferation of plant-based eateries, retailers, food blogs and more. But the experience can certainly vary depending on where you live.

In honor of World Vegan Month in November, Myprotein conducted a study to see which U.S. cities and states are best for vegans. Fittingly, the so-called “Big Apple” was the No. 1 city, followed by the “Peach State” metropolis, Atlanta.

Here are the top 10:

  1. New York City

  2. Atlanta

  3. Seattle

  4. Chicago

  5. Portland, Oregon

  6. Boston

  7. Philadelphia

  8. Las Vegas

  9. Los Angeles

  10. Denver

To determine the most vegan-friendly cities, Myprotein analyzed Tripadvisor data to see which of the most populated cities in each state offer the most vegan takeout and delivery options as a percentage of total takeout and delivery options.

So, for example, the data suggested that 40% of New York City’s takeout restaurant options are vegan-friendly, while 36% are in Atlanta, 35% are in Seattle and 21% are in Denver.

The sports nutrition brand also put together a map showing the best-rated takeout and delivery restaurants with vegan options in each state based on Tripadvisor reviews. (HuffPost can’t vouch for the vegan-ness of these restaurants, which apparently include a steakhouse in Kansas.)

Visit Myprotein’s website for more information on the study and additional findings.

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