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Consumed: Carbs

While much of the world goes full keto and avoids carbs like they’re the plague, we’re hunkering down into autumn in a veritable cave of breads, pastas, pizzas and more. That’s because this month, we’re going deep on carbs.

Want to know how to make the best homemade pasta? Wondering how long you should let your homemade pizza dough rise? We’ve got you covered. And for those of you who really are avoiding gluten, we’ve got a taste test of the best trendy cauliflower substitutes on the market.

We’ll be baking up tons of new stories all month long, so stick around.

Charred pies, grilled pies, Greek pizza and beach pizza — learn all about the dough that’ll inspire your next road trip.
Because no one wants scrambled eggs in their pasta.
White, wheat, whole grain — they’re all vastly different, nutritionally speaking. See where your favorite falls on the list.
Brands like Schar, Canyon Bakehouse and Eban’s Bakehouse are all making gluten-free bread that’s better than you might think.
The difference between good and great pizza? Patience with the crust.
Forget Domino’s. The future of pizza is Blaze Pizza, Mod Pizza, Pieology, PizzaRev and Uncle Maddio’s Pizza.
Learn about how DASH, the Mediterranean diet and other eating plans can help you add ingredients to your repertoire, not take them away.
In America, where we favor the pizza wheel, slicing pizza with scissors seems strange. But it’s a common practice in Rome.
This “dump and stir” method magically transforms pasta into a staple for hectic weeknights.
Built as a response to a recession in 2008, these pizza shops could soon come in handy again.
Here’s a breakdown of the popular cauliflower fries, crackers, tots, pretzels, pastas and more that are on the market.
There’s only one type of drink you can’t use these pasta straws for.
Carb loading, carb cycling and carb backloading have become trendy strategies for optimizing our diets. But are they effective?
It’s all about texture, and the type of extruders used to make cheap and expensive pasta produce different results.
Don’t let that liquid gold circle the drain again.

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