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This Is The Best City In The U.S. If You’re Vegan

Hinterhaus Productions via Getty ImagesUnsurprisingly, some cities are more vegan-friendly than others.  Adhering to a vegan diet has gotten easier with the proliferation of plant-based eateries, retailers, food blogs and more. But the experience can certainly vary depending on where you live. In honor of World Vegan Month in November, Myprotein conducted a study to […]

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The Grocery Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

Luis Alvarez via Getty Images The year 2020 saw big changes to the grocery shopping experience ― from the bread-baking craze to the pandemic panic buying rush. Looking ahead to 2021, Instacart is forecasting the grocery trends expected to take hold next year in the U.S. The online grocery platform released its first “New Year, […]

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